Should Students Grade Their Teachers?


Zoe Lowenthal '25, Writer

Giving students the chance to grade their teacher will ultimately lead to improved classroom dynamics and more learning. The majority of the feedback students give is extremely beneficial, allowing teachers to improve at their jobs and provide helpful advice on what works for the specific group being taught, and what comes across as “busy work”. This feedback can give teachers guidance on what the students are excited about and provide an added layer of self-awareness and insight that will ultimately create a better learning environment. In addition, allowing students to evaluate their teachers lets them share an issue or offer feedback without feeling as though they are being disrespectful.

Learning is not one size fits all, every group of students learns differently and benefits from various teaching styles. By getting graded and receiving feedback, teachers are able to curate lesson plans that are tailored specifically to the learning needs of the students in their class. For one class, lectures and individual assessments may be the preferred method of learning, and for others, Socratic Seminars and group work may work better. By receiving this feedback, students will be able to learn in a way that they enjoy and that benefits their learning style.

Think about why teachers grade their students. The main objectives are monitoring progress and, on occasion, changing the curriculum based on students’ current knowledge and what new skills these students need to acquire in order to achieve new academic goals. Teachers, like everyone else, require feedback in order to improve. One of the many reasons teachers are not evaluated is because they are concerned about what their students might say and how it will affect their careers. These evaluations should not be made public to future bosses because they are solely for the purpose of improving classroom dynamics. The evaluations are only intended to raise awareness of what needs to be improved and how it can be improved. While feedback can be difficult to hear at times, it is essential in fostering the best academic environment possible. Teachers’ performance in schools where this has been implemented has improved significantly, and students are able to enjoy learning