Should Schools Have a Prom?


Odysseas of Greece '23, Contributor

Some people consider prom to be valuable, and some people do not. Personally, I am of the opinion that prom is worthwhile. Going to prom is a great way to end your senior year after a long school year of applying to colleges and taking SATs and ACTs. One of the final activities you will all share before heading off to college is a celebratory dance with your entire grade.

Many high school students have fantasized about prom since they saw it in movies when they were younger. Some may argue that prom isn’t exciting or fun because they don’t have a prom date, dislike large gatherings, or don’t want to spend so much money on one evening. Others may be tired of school and don’t see the point of a dance, preferring to spend the night relaxing. Finally, some people dislike their classmates and thus see no reason to attend.

However, I believe schools should still hold a prom for the students to honor the long high school journey of those who choose to attend. The goal of prom is to have one final dance with your schoolmates, and I believe that students who want to do so should have the opportunity. Even if it’s shallow, getting dressed up and arriving for prom in limos with your friends and dates is a lot of fun; it’s a chance to hang out with your friends all dressed up, unlike how you usually see them at school. It’s also exciting to think about who you might ask to prom and how you might ask them.