The Power of Sports

The Power of Sports

David Domansky '23, Writer

Everyone has a different relationship with sports. Some people have no interest, whereas other people consider their favorite sports team a major part of their identity. Around the world, there are around 200 sports that have worldwide recognition but sports have a much deeper meaning than just a game. For many, sports is an escape from a society that allows people to cheer for teams and get emotionally attached to a team.

As one continues to support a team, they become a part of a larger fan base which allows one to connect with others around the world. Cheering for the same team or liking a sport brings millions of people together no matter their race, background, gender, or sexuality. Often, people inherit a favorite team from their family members, but sometimes, people develop an attachment to a specific player and they will support whatever team they are on. Developing a love for sports doesn’t require a specific background, it doesn’t need you to be good at anything, all that’s required is the ability to learn. 

The world saw how much sports meant during the pandemic when almost all professional sports leagues shut down. It was as if a part of society was lost and everyone had to find a new connection with other people. There is no replacement for sports and the world feels empty when no sports are on. Personally, in my life, sports have brought me closer to my grandfather and I have developed a very close bond, starting from our mutual love of football. At the age of 7, I started going to his house to watch football games every Sunday. Soon, I realized how much sports can bring anyone together no matter the age difference. To this day, ten years later, I still go to his house Sunday to watch football games.

Sports serve many purposes. Some view sports as a way to unleash their competitive side or to get in better physical shape, or a way to stay active, but the greatest part about sports is the connection people create. Without sports, many people would not bond together or have ever met. The community that is formed around a specific sport or team is unlike any other experience, and people build lifelong connections through celebrating the highs and supporting each other through the low points. Sports bring happiness to the world, and that’s what sports are all about.