Girl’s Varsity Soccer: Fall Recap

Girls Varsity Soccer: Fall Recap

Isis Boelens '22, Contributor

This past fall season all sports teams were able to re-form teams and play games again after a one-year break due to COVID-19. Despite the challenges of taking a year-long break, the team managed to overcome adversity and work together through tough times to mount a comeback at the end of the season. All of the girls on the soccer team deserve commendation, and sincere congratulations to the seniors of the team: Gabrielle de Lambily, Isabel Beiboer, Maya Gallagher, and Isis Boelens.  

Pre-season started with an initial practice on Randall’s Island, where many of the girls were nervous about restarting or beginning their time on the soccer team at Dwight. Over the next two weeks, several more teammates began regularly coming to practice and these girls became the heart of the team, forming a deep sense of camaraderie and team spirit. 

At the beginning of the season, the girls were optimistic about their chances of winning the season. However, their first game was a loss that shook the team and made them question their ability to advance to the playoffs. The next few games, however, proved to be a turnaround for the team. The girls won their game against Leman 1-0, and began to rise up the ranks of the ISAL league. After that, we won two more games and one tie in the ISAL league. The team’s chances of moving on to the playoffs came down to the last game. The last game before playoffs was breathtaking. In the last five minutes of the game, it was still 0 – 0. Dwight had to win in order to go to playoffs, we could not bear a tie. Three minutes left, nobody scored, but then just a few yards from the halfway line Isabel Beiboer incredibly shot the ball right to the back of the net. The team made it to the playoffs! 

Ultimately, however, the varsity season ended after the next game, as the seniors said a heartfelt farewell to their time playing soccer at Dwight. In the end, the Girls Varsity Soccer team presented a great soccer season. Even though at the beginning the team mutually doubted its own success, this mindset and the results of hard work into skill has grown so far this season.