Fall Scene Night: A Recap


Amelia Gayle '23, Writer

On November 10, 2021, the Dwight theater department held the first in-person scene night since the pandemic! This particular scene night consisted of scenes directed by the seniors. These seniors had to direct their own interpretation of a selected scene from a well-known play acted by only IB Theater students. Seniors included Bernardo Sequeira, Carol Arap, Jennifer Park, Azza White, Jane Barbero, Bennett Haden, Rory Paltridge, Andres Villarreal, and Faatima Khan. Juniors who participated in some of the scenes were Ava Kimmel, Lily Ventura, Xuan Stabb, and Natalie Martell. The first scene of the night was from “The Wolves” (dir. Jane Barbero). This scene kicked off the night with a chilling yet exciting performance from all the girls portraying a girls soccer team that had recently suffered the loss of a player. This scene consisted of almost no lines, yet succeeded in evoking intense emotions. The second scene of the night was Metamorphosis (dir. Carol Arap) (feat. Bennett Haden, Andres Villarreal, Carol Arap, Bernardo Sequeira). Based on Greek Mythology, it told the story of Cupid and his lover but did not have much dialogue besides the narrators. A wide range of emotions in a single scene captured by body language and actions as well as beautiful design choices captured the audience. The third scene was “Spring Awakening ” (dir. Azza White) (feat. Natalie Martell and Jennifer Park). White managed to make a generally dismal and gut-wrenching play light-hearted and incites laughter from the audience through a hilarious interaction between mother and daughter. After that, a scene directed by Faatima Khan (feat. Ava Kimmel and Xuan Stabb) adapted a 19th-century play to take place in 2021, depicting a modern take on a story about a couple named Natasha and Todd getting a divorce. Natasha desires to see the outside world and experience life for herself without being tied down to her husband in an unhappy marriage. The following play was “Black Comedy” (dir. Andres Villarreal) (feat. Lily Ventura and Rory Paltridge) and told the story of a couple preparing to meet their parents after stealing their neighbor’s furniture, only to experience a blackout. Hilarity ensues as the couple stumbles around their home to figure out how to proceed before their neighbor discovers what has happened, and the parents are on the way. Next, “Copenhagen” (dir. Rory Paltridge) (feat. Bernardo Sequeira, Ava Kimmel, Xuan Stabb) told the story of famous physicist Neils Bohr and his wife, along with Werner Heisenberg his former student and friend brought together to discuss “Why did Heisenberg go to Copenhagen to visit his old mentor in 1941? The jumps and freezing throughout time make a scene—otherwise confusing for those unaware of the historical context—engaging and easy to follow for everyone in attendance. Following this was a scene directed by Bernardo Sequeira (feat. Bennett Haden and Rory Paltridge) depicting two men on their way to deliver Hamlet to the King of England. During their journey as they enjoy their time on the boat, they open the letter they are meant to deliver and discover that they are delivering Hamlet to be killed by the king. The final scene of the night was “The Crucible” (dir. Bennett Haden) which featured the entire cast. This scene was a wonderful conclusion to an incredible night, taking place during the Salem witch trials a woman on trial for witchcraft manages to turn a whole courtroom from being completely against her, to against the man who tried her. The Dwight theater department consistently blows us away with everything they produce, and we are incredibly proud of all those who participated!