Should Athletes Who Use Steroids Forfeit Their Titles?


Lindon Clarke '23, Writer

Steroids serve the purpose of helping build muscle tissue and increase body mass by acting like the body’s natural male hormone testosterone: simply it is a drug that enhances athletic performance. Titled as a drug, there is no surprise to the widespread ban of the product by most sports organizations—not to forget that it is illegal. Athletes competing at the highest level of competition have made many attempts at evading the drug-testing system: a large percent caught and lucky few able to successfully avoid it. How is this fair? Athletes that rely on the illegal use of steroids to gain an advantage over their competitors without-a-doubt should experience repercussions—forfeit their medals, titles, and/or be held to the basic consequences of breaking the law. There is no justifiable reason behind why athletes should be able to compete with steroids, its ability to increase the athlete’s performance puts their opponents at an unfair disadvantage. Athletes competing at the highest caliber of sports are prone to recognition and publicity. The individuals that rely on this performance-enhancer to achieve greatness, who carry it out consequence-free, are merely promoting the usage of this drug. These individuals shouldn’t be laid-off for their actions, nor should they have the ability to perform and/or receive praise for their scandalous behavior. Athletes have trained their whole lives committing their time and body to compete at the highest level. All this effort and dedication is disregarded merely due to their competitors having a physical advantage over them. Competitors using steroids are restricting people who have naturally trained and worked excessively hard their whole lives to lose to a cheater. Athletes that have received medals and validation under the influence of steroids should forfeit their titles and medals.