It Could Be Worse


Mimi Halpern '22, Contributor

“It could be worse” is the single worst phrase in the English language.

One thing that every human on the planet shares is the inevitability of having a bad day. Whether you lost your favorite earring, got a bad grade, or some other minor inconvenience plagued your otherwise good day, the thing that people want most in these situations is just the slightest bit of sympathy, or a simple “i’m sorry what can I do to help”. What can seem like an insignificant experience to one person can make another feel like the world is ending, and this feeling is totally valid. When having a bad day, and seeking a bit of empathy from another person, the last thing you want is to receive the consolation that your feelings are invalid and that what’s happening “could have been worse”, it is extremely aggravating. 

While my initial statement that this phrase is significantly worse than any other phrase may be a slight exaggeration, I would argue that the statement is just as extreme as the phrase itself. Keeping it in mind that it takes courage to open up to somebody about what you find upsetting, making it even worse when people are dismissive. The next time somebody says this phrase to you, I strongly suggest that you step on their toe,  look them in the eye, and say it… “could be worse”.