Game Summary: Dwight BVBB vs. Mount Saint Michael’s Academy


Matthew DeGraft-Johnson '23, Contributor

image credit: Brody Shuffler ’25 (@fastbreakvisuals)

On January 28th in a game against Mount Saint Michael’s Academy, Dwight competed to the very end. The starters for this matchup were: ‘23 Nick Padilla – Point Guard, ‘26 Ethan Johnston – Shooting Guard, ‘22 Johnik Moores – Small Forward, ‘22 Richard Nweke – Power Forward, and ‘22 Ethan Wong-Chassine – Center. Ethan Johnston is just an eighth-grader but he is already showing that he can play. In this game, it was a battle of the star recruits: Richard Nweke of Dwight and Noah Best of Mount Saint Michael’s. Dwight finished the first half strong taking a lead over Mount Saint Michael’s Academy of 25-18. The energy was high and the men were fighting hard against a worthy opponent. In the second half, Dwight began to lose their lead. Nick Padilla ‘23 was fighting very hard, locking up Noah Best ‘22 and was very efficient from the field, only missing one shot and getting his teammates involved. It looked like the starting 5 was tired and as if they weren’t playing as hard as they did in the first half. At the end of the game, Dwight took a tough loss to Mount Saint Michael’s Academy of 55-43. Dwight fought very hard and they were hungry for this win. At times, Dwight just didn’t seem like they were keeping each other up and being a team which is what looked like it messed them up for the rest of the game. As the players have been learning this season, working together towards wins is what will bring them home the victory, and allow these talented young men to play to their full potential.