What does Basketball Mean to You?


Harrison Rich '22, Contributor

image credit: Brody Shuffler ’25 (@fastbreakvisuals)

Being on the basketball team at Dwight is no easy task. 6 days a week you spend training, practicing, competing, and learning about what to do in game situations. However, there are some things about this sport that fill me with spirit and energy like nothing else does. The basketball team is practically my second family, especially after playing for so long. This family consists of the players and coaches that surround you for 2-4 hours a day. Not only do you play basketball with them, you talk with them, help one another, and form extremely close bonds that create support unlike anywhere else in my high school experience. When one guy has a bad game or feels like he messed up, the rest of the team swoops in and provides support and help him keep his head up high. The seniors also may give the player advice for the next game. Basketball is as much of a sport on the court as off the court. If you get along with your teammates outside of basketball, that translates to in-game moments where your adrenaline is so high and your emotions are peaking. That relationship allows a team to stay a team and fight together. That is what Dwight basketball is and that is what it means to be a part of this spectacular team.